Panasonic NM MD 35 MSF HS MultifunctionalPlacement Machine

Asset # : 56961
Equipment Make: Panasonic
Equipment Model: NM MD 35
Type: MSF HS MultifunctionalPlacement Machine
Wafer Size:
Equipment Configuration:

Voltage: 200 VAC, Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Air: 0.5 Mpa, 300 L/min
– Type A Dual 10-Nozzle Heads
– Components ranging from 0603 (0201) to QFP, BGA and Odd Shaped
– Components height up to 25mm and length up to 150mm
– Transmissive and Reflective Recognition
– Quick changeover with Batch Exchange Carts
Applicable PCB
– Dimensions:
Max 510mm x 460 mm
Min 50mm x 50 mm
– Placement Area
Max 510 mm x 454 mm
Min 50mm x 44 mm
– Thickness
0.5 to 4.0mm
– PCB Warp Tolerance
0.5mm for both directions (Up and Down)
Placement Accuracy
– Chip Components 0603 to 3216 (0201 to 1206)
0.07mm for X and Y directions (Min Clearance: 0.2mm to 0.3mm)
– Cylindrical, SOJ, Tantalum Cap (A,B,C,D) and Alum Elec Cap (S,L)
0.1mm for X and Y directions (Min Clearance: 0.3mm)
– SOP (8 to 28P) and PLCC (Max 30mm x 30mm)
X: 0.05mm and Y: 0.1mm (Min Clearance: 0.3mm)
– QFP and BGA
0.025mm for X and Y directions (Min Clearance: 0.3mm)
Applicable Component and Packaging
– 8mm to 72 mm wide embossed taped Components
Cylindrical Components, Tantalum Cap (A,B,C,D), Alum Elec Cap
SOT, SOD, TO, PLCC, Connector, SO, SOP, Odd Shaped
– 8mm to 32 mm wide paper taped Components
Chip Components 0603 to 3216 (0201 to 1206)
– Matrix Tray Components
Component Dimension Limitation
– Rectangular Component: Max 55mm x 55mm
– Component Height: Max 25mm
– Connector Length: Max 150mm
– Lead Pitch: Min 0.3mm
Component Supply Units
– Feeder Input: Max 192 (when loaded with 8mm Double Tape Feeders)
– Tray Input: Max 48 (24 Trays x 2)

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