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Bridge Tronic Global is a leading global provider of manufacturing equipment in the secondary market.

Welcome to Bridge Tronic Global, a dynamic force in the semiconductor industry, committed to providing comprehensive solutions in the ever-changing landscape of semiconductor equipment. Established in 2016, we embarked on a journey to redefine the secondary semiconductor equipment market. Our evolution from equipment brokers to a refurbishment powerhouse reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

In the initial two years, Bridge Tronic Global focused on brokering equipment, gaining valuable insights into the market's dynamics. Recognizing the industry's need for reliable and expert refurbishment services, we expanded our capabilities by assembling a team of semiconductor equipment-trained engineers. This strategic move allowed us to transition from brokering to offering a complete suite of services, including the repair and refurbishment of critical equipment.

At Bridge Tronic Global, we currently specialize in refurbishing KLA-Tencor Metrology Equipment, Hitachi SEMs, and Karl Suss Mask Aligners. Our team of skilled engineers ensures that each piece of equipment not only meets but exceeds industry standards. In 2024, we will be announcing an expansion to refurbishment capabilities for etch equipment. Manufacturers such as Applied Materials, Lam, and Gasonics will be part of our growing portfolio, showcasing our commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of the semiconductor industry.

Our vision extends beyond the current profile of equipment we refurbish. In the next 10 years, Bridge Tronic Global aims to have trained engineers in every facet of the semiconductor fab process: Grind/Polish, Metrology, Deposition, Photoresist, Lithograph, Etch, Ion Implant, Diffusion, CMP, Probe, Test, Dicing and Bonding. We aspire to provide comprehensive support across the entire semiconductor production cycle. This ambitious goal underlines our commitment to becoming a one-stop solution for semiconductor manufacturers, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced efficiency throughout the fab.

As we continue to grow, Bridge Tronic Global remains dedicated to innovation, reliability, and unmatched expertise. Join us on this journey as we not only keep pace with industry changes but lead the way in shaping the future of secondary semiconductor equipment solutions. Your success is our driving force, and we look forward to contributing to the success of your semiconductor operations.

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