Ross PBA 1 36 Axial Flow Mixer

Asset # : 61326
Equipment Make: Ross
Equipment Model: PBA 1-36
Type: Axial Flow Mixer
Wafer Size:
Equipment Configuration:

– Vapor-tight, suitable for up to +2 psi internal pressure.
– Elastomers suitable for HCL and Ethanol.
– Air/oil hydraulic lift with anti-rotation hydraulic cylinder, requiring 80-100 psig air supply. Flow control valve, air operated two-hand operator safety pushbuttons and selector switch.
– Stainless steel type 316L wetted parts with Black (PFA) Teflon coating.
– Stainless steel type 316L mixing shaft with Black (PFA) Teflon coating operating between 9 & 90 rpm @ 6 – 60 Hz.
– Mixing Shaft is sealed via a Double Flexi-Lip Dry Running FDA MF Teflon Lip Seal with Viton O-rings. This seal design operates without using lubrication to prevent contamination with the product. Seal is installed in UHMW housing for easy removal/assembly.
– Mixing Shaft has one (1) – 7.5″ diameter, 4-blade, 45 degree pitched, Axial Flow Paddle Blade. The blade is attached to the bottom of the mixing shaft with an internal thread and sealed via a Viton O-ring between the blade hub and shaft. Blade will tighten as it spins with the shaft.
– Driven by a 1 HP, Explosion Proof (Class 1, Div. 1, Group D; Class 2, Groups F&G), VFD-rated, 10:1 speed range motor suitable for operation on 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz power supply.
– Explosion Proof Safety Limit Switch to prevent operation of agitator while in the raised (non-mixing) position, or without a mix can in place.
– Cover, Vapor-tight and rated for +2 psig internal pressure when combined with matching mix vessel. T-316, 80-grit exterior finish with black PFA (Teflon) coating on underside.
– Two (2) – 4″ 150# RF flanges, two (2) – 1″ FNPT connections, one (1) – 6″ Sight & Charge port with Metaglass sight glass, one (1) – 1″ Tri-Clover port (pressure) and two (2) – 1″ 150# RF flange ports. ID of ports are Teflon coated. Viton Cover O-ring.
– Mix Vessel: 36 gallon working, 44 gallon full holding, rated for +2 psig internal pressure, 22″ ID x 24″ straight side and a dished bottom with a 2″ flush bottom Ball Valve with Tri-Clover outlet (bottom-center) located 14.5″ off the base.
– A heating/cooling jacket made from T-304 stainless steel, 80-grit finish and rated for 50 psig @ 350F is installed on the sides and bottom.
– Three (3) stainless steel legs with casters. Can lock receiver for aligning and locking mix vessel to mixer. Interior coated with Black (PFA) Teflon. NEMA 7/9 Low Profile Thermocouple in bottom dish of Mix Vessel.
– All non-stainless steel exterior surfaces are painted Ross Off-White, a two-component epoxy coating.

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