Canon FPA 5000 ES 2+ Stepper

Asset # : 58433
Equipment Make: Canon
Equipment Model: FPA 5000 ES 2+
Type: Stepper
Wafer Size: 8" & 12"
Equipment Configuration:

– High NA covers 0.18 um to 0.15 um design rules using 248 KrF illumination
– The Platform features a reaction force receiver on both the reticle and wafer stages.
– Active dampers are added to the wafer stage to prevent machine vibrations from occurring via the fab floor.
– The stage features frictionless air bearings and improved vibration isolation.
– The wafer stage is of the new FLAT II design.
– The bar mirrors are hollow and the tilt plate is constructed with beams.
– The lenses are assembled using Ultima PM1 data to minimize aberrations.

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