SSEC 1000 Seam Sealer

Asset # : 56882
Equipment Make: SSEC
Equipment Model: 1000
Type: Seam Sealer
Wafer Size:
Equipment Configuration:

– Includes glove box
– No heating component in the output or Input, just a transfer chamber
– Single package, hermetic sealing and solder reflowing on microelectronic and optoelectronic metal and ceramic packages to MIL SPEC 883
– Linear sealing for square and rectangular packages from 0.2″ to 5.5″ with fixturing available for packages up to 9″
– Self-contained tacking operation
– Force equalizing system between electrodes
– Microprocessor-controlled phase angle firing for power control
– Maximum power output of 3500 watts
– Moisture and oxygen set point interlock available
– Modular design for easy maintenance
– Inexpensive, quick-change electrodes
– Low package temperature during sealing process
– Positioning accuracy 0.001″ (stepper motor control)
– Self Diagnostic error messages
– Embedded microprocessor control of all functions
– Programmable welding force of O to 2500 grams
– Independent stepper motor control of welding motion
– No external control units–only a power supply needed
– Software upgradeable in the field
– 200 to 240 volt operation
– Automatic force compensation at corners of packages
– Weld speed of 1· per second

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