Nanometrics Atlas 1000 00910 Photomask Metrology Scatterometry Sold

Asset # : 56505
Equipment Make: Nanometrics
Equipment Model: Atlas 1000-00910
Type: Photomask Metrology Scatterometry
Wafer Size:
Equipment Configuration:

– DUV-Visible spectroscopic reflectometer featuring Nanometrics’ patented absolute reflectance technology. Wavelength range:190nm to 780nm
– UV to NIR Small Spot Spectroscopic
Ellipsometer Includes:
– UV to NIR Small Spot Spectroscopic
ellipsometer with wavelength range of 210nm
to 1,000nm
– SE UV Filter blocks light below 520nm
from Xenon light path
– Thermal control on individual
ellipsometer parts provides excellent
reproducibility and stability
– Coincident ellipsometer and
Reflectometer Spots
– Simultaneous ellipsometer and
reflectometer data collection
– Comprehensive suite of measurement
algorithms (dispersion models) including
Cauchy, Lorentz oscillators, interpolation,
EMA, tabular data and expansion capability
– SE measurement pad size: 50μ x 50μ

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