Asset # : 35879
Equipment Make: MRC
Equipment Model: Eclipse Star
Wafer Size:
Equipment Configuration: 1-            Is it set up for STD SEMI 6” single flat and thickness of 625 microns?-Yes 2-            Is there the wafers holders with a Clamping ring?-Yes 3-            Do they have Hard or soft Etch?-Hard 4-            What target are installed in each three position?-Ti/AL/TiN (Eclipse 1)….Ti/Al/TiW (Eclipse 5) 5-            What power is available for each cathodes? 10/20/30KW?10KW/30KW/10KW 6-            Is the etch platform installed?-Yes 7-            What Cryos are there installed? CTI F ? On board?-CTI 8F 8-            What Cryo compressors are there installed ? 9600 or 9700?-9600 9-          What mechanical pumps are there? Dry or oil? Size? Model?-Edwards QDP40 10-          Is the preprocess cassette installed in both?-Yes 11-          Is the Secs II installed?-SECS 12-          Is the tool still in clean room?-Yes 13-          Are all manuals available?-Yes 14-          Are there any spares or target available?-No
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