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Zeiss-NVision 40-FIB-SEM-62815

Price: $197,100
  • Asset # : 62815
  • Make : Zeiss
  • Model : NVision 40
  • Type : FIB-SEM
  • Wafer Size :
  • Configuration : - It is a FE SEM with Ga FIB column, airlock, Kliendiek MM3 micro-manipulator, and multi-chemistry gas-injection system (currently it runs C and W for depositions, though it has capacity for others in non-heated precursor chambers).  - The GIS is a single-nozzle system, but can run multiple gas chemistries.  As we mentioned, it only uses C and W at the moment, as it has two chambers that can heat the precursor. - It is also set up with a Leica VCT100 cryo-stage, though the interlock is currently not functional (can still be used for cryo during milling, but requires samples to be loaded and unloaded at room temperature and in atmosphere).  - Oxford EDS system

Zeiss-NVision 40-FIB-SEM-62815


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