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Agilent-8114 A-Pulse Generator-52400

Price: $7,710
  • Asset # : 52400
  • Make : Agilent
  • Model : 8114 A
  • Type : Pulse Generator
  • Wafer Size :
  • Configuration : - 100V / 2A - Option 001 Installed - Error: The unit gives the following error when running the self-test for the signal: No input from output board The problem is on the output board (Part 08114-66506) The fuse F103 on the output board is broken (fuse for floating +17 volt rail) The fuse is a 1/8 amp through hole fuse (Mouser P/N 576-0251.125MXL) The floating +17 volt rail is fine coming from the power supply. There is approx. 35 volts on the other side of the fuse and has 20 ohms resistance to ground while the unit is powered up. All other boards in the unit have been tested and are working.

Agilent-8114 A-Pulse Generator-52400


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