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Agilent-E 4402 B-Spectrum Analyzer-48287

Price: $1,390
  • Asset # : 48287
  • Make : Agilent
  • Model : E 4402 B
  • Type : Spectrum Analyzer
  • Wafer Size :
  • Configuration : - 9kHz - 3.0GHz - Condition Notes: We ran the alignment test on the spectrum analyzer. It passes the alignment of the ADC, LO and IF. However it does not pass the RF alignment. What the scope displays is “Align RF skipped, No align signal”. There is also no 50MHz signal at the REF out of the scope which is required for it to pass the test. We hooked it up to a frequency generator and the spectrum analyzer can detect the signal but is very weak.

Agilent-E 4402 B-Spectrum Analyzer-48287


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